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Top Menu and Plugin Configuration in RCE

Create a New Menu Item

  1. Create a new folder [Menu Item] in the folder  |…|RoughCut|Menu.
  2. Add the desired keys from the list below.


With the values FALSE and TRUE this menu item can be de-/activated.


Defines the menu item text.


Defines the sorting order of the menu item (low integer numbers come first).


Optional reference to an image in the form of a file path or URL. Reference can be an absolute or relative URL and is displayed left of the menu item.

To add an Font Awesome icon instead of an image, set the value to “icon:” + the name of the icon without its prefixes.


The name of the plugin used. Omit this key to define parent menu items with children. See Create Drop Down Menu Items below.


Optional configuration string (depends on the plugin, see below).

ActionRightIf you wish to limit the plugin visibility to specific users, you can link the plugin visibility to an existing or newly created Action right. The plugin is then limited to users with this action right.
IsVisibleFor0EntriesOptional. Boolean allowing to make a plugin visible or not when no entries are selected. False by default.
IsVisibleOptional configuration string for restricting the visibility of the plugin to specific entries. For more information, see Restricting Visibility of a Plugin to Specific Clips in RCE.

Create Drop Down Menu Items

A drop-down menu gets created automatically when a menu item has children. To add children, create menu items in the folder [Main Menu]|Children|

Available Plugins

pluginRceOpenLinkOpens a link in the same tab. Examples include '#/contentmanager' which directs to the Content Manager and can be labelled 'Add Content' link.
pluginRceSaveAndWorkflowSaves the project before launching a workflow on the project entry. Workflows are supplied with the starting package or been specifically developed for the customer. These customized workflows range from file conversion to posting on Facebook.

Importing Workflow Templates and Configuring the Config Key

Please see the general section Start a Workflow in RCE

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