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Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Working without a mouse in Content Manager is made as easy as possible with numerous shortcuts. Mouse users can profit from using a combination of mouse and keyboard navigation techniques, to step up productivity. 

Navigating Content Manager without a mouse

Use Tab and Shift + Tab, to navigate between different areas and control elements inside the Content Manager. 

Content Manager also provide configurable shortcuts to directly target a specific area: 

Shortcut NameActionDefault Shortcut keys
GoToTablesOpens Table Area and sets focus on current table selection. If no table selection was made before, the shortcut selects first table from the list and sets focus on it.Ctrl+Shift+1
GoToSearchSets focus on the Search Box and enables users to type keywords and search for desired entries.Ctrl+Shift+2
GoToEntriesOpens Entry Area and sets focus on current entry selection. If no entry selection was made before, the shortcut selects first entry from the list and sets focus on it.Ctrl+Shift+3

Opens Details Areas and sets focus on it.

GoToGroupSets focus on Group Area. If no entry selection was made before, the shortcut selects first entry from the current selected group.


GoToFacetsOpens and focuses Facets tab if enabled for current tableCtrl+Shift+6
ToggleEntriesCollapse entry area if group area is visible and focus goes to the splitter, else expands entry area and focus goes to the minimize button.Ctrl+Shift+7

Currently focused control element will always get a light blue border around itself.

Working with Entries

Selecting Entries

  1. You can navigate through the entry list using the arrow keys (↑ ↓).
  2. Press Shift + ↑ or  Shift  to select entries.

Or Press CTRL + ↑ or CTRL + ↓ key to jump to the beginning/end of the entry list.

For example: Ctrl+Shift+3 to navigate to the Entry Area, and use the arrow keys (↑ ↓) to select an entry

Adding Entries

Shortcut NameActionDefault Shortcut keys
CreateEntryCreates a new entry in the current table.c
CreateTextEntryCreates a new text entry in the current table.t
CreateVirtualEntryCreates a new virtual entry in the current table.v
CreateGroupCreates a new group in the current table.g
CreateStoryCreates a new story in the current table.s
CreateEndpointStoryCreates a new endpoint story in the current table.n

Other Entry Shortcuts

Shortcut NameActionDefault Shortcut keys
EditEdit the selected entry/entries in Details Area.e
CopyCopy entriesCtrl-c
PastePaste entriesCtrl-v
SoftDeleteSoft-delete entry. This shortcut is also used for the groups.Delete
RefreshRefresh entry listCtrl-r
WrapIntoGroupWrap selected entries into a groupCtrl-g

Copy-paste shortcuts covers all possibilities of copying entry across tables, moving entry to group in the same table, copying and moving an entry to a group in another table, copying a group to another table etc.

Ctrl-c copies the selected entries to browser memory (valid for current session and browser tab) which can later to pasted (moved) by first setting the focus to a specific area and then pressing Ctrl-v

Working with Groups

Group functionality is optional and only accessible if respective license is available.

  1. Open a group by clicking on the group title or on the group symbol in the group column
  2. Group will be opened below the Entry Area
  3. Multiple groups can be opened at once and can be accessed via tabs
Shortcut NameActionDefault Shortcut keys
Open a GroupA group can be opened by setting focus on the respective group entry in the entry list and pressing Enter. Enter
Close a GroupA group can be closed by setting focus on the respective group tab and pressing Delete. Escape
Paste an EntryPaste an entry to be linked with the group. Ctrl-v
Clone an EntryClone an entry and link it to the group, this will also create a clone of the Entry in the selected Table.Ctrl-d
Soft-delete an EntrySoft-deletes an entry from the tableDelete
Remove an Entry from a groupRemoves the link between an entry and the groupr
Refresh groupRefresh current groupCtrl-r

Top Menu Shortcuts

It is possible to associate a Top Menu item (plugin) with a keyboard shortcut, pressing which would launch the action associated with the menu item e.g triggering a workflow, opening an entry in another application, printing an entry with a template etc.

Please see shortcut configuration for CM for more information.

Area Specific Shortcuts

Navigate and select the specific area, in order to be able to use following keyboard shortcuts.

Customizing Keyboard shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts listed below are the default values. To customize the shortcuts create the folder |...|Contentmanager|Shortcuts|. To add a new shortcut create a key named [Shortcut name] with the value of the desired key.

Please see Configuring keyboard shortcuts for more information on custom shortcut values.

List View and Thumbnail Grid

Shortcut NameActionDefault Shortcut keys
Up, UpShift, UpCtrlselect entry above, adds item above to selection, navigates to the first entryup, shift+up, ctrl+up (non-configurable)
Down, DownShift, DownCtrlselect entry below, adds item below to selection, navigates to the last entrydown, shift+down, ctrl+down (non-configurable)
SelectAllselects all itemsctrl+a (non-configurable)
Editedit  selected Entriese
Savesaves changes in edit modeenter
Cancelcancels edit in edit modeesc

List View and Group Tab Area Story View

All shortcuts from Audio Preview (audio player) if selected entry is not a group.

(warning) A shortcut is ignored if it has the same key as a global shortcut or a list view shortcut.

Thumbnail Grid only

Shortcut NameActionDefault Shortcut keys
Right, RightShift, RightCtrlselect entry to the right, adds item on the right to selection, navigates to entry furthest to the rightright, shiftright, ctrl+right (non-configurable)
Left, LeftShift, LeftCtrlselect entry to the left, adds item on the left to selection, navigates to entry furthest to the leftleft, shiftleft, ctrl+left (non-configurable)
PlayPlay / Pause of preview / prelisten of video / audio entriesspace
StopStop prelisten of video / audio entriesenter

Video / Audio Preview

Keyboard shortcuts can only be used if the preview area is selected by either using Tab and Shift-Tab or clicking on it.

Both Preview Players

Shortcut NameActionDefault Shortcut keys

Play (Also possible in thumbnail preview)

Play / Pause details playerspace
StopStop details playerenter
ToggleMutemute/unmute volumem
VolumeDowndecrease of 20% volume'-'
VolumeUpincrease of 20% volume'+'
ScrollRightSkip forwards: plus 1 sec (Audio) / 1 frame (Video) on current timeright

Skip backwards: minus 1 sec (Audio) / 1 frame (Video) on current time

ResetPositionSkip to start: current time to 0home

Only Video Player

Shortcut NameActionDefault Shortcut keys
ScrollSecondLeftSeeking -1 sctrl+left
ScrollSecondRightSeeking +1 sctrl+right
ScrollLeftSeeking -1 frameleft
ScrollRightSeeking +1 frameright
Fullscreenopen/exit fullscreenf
Toggle Time Code Modeturns on/off TC Modet
Reloadreload dash manifestr
Channels12channel selection set to Channels 1+21 OR 2
Channels34dito 3+43 OR 4
Channels56dito 5+65 OR 6
Channels78dito 7+87 OR 8
Channel[Channel#]channel selection set to channel [Channel#] (mono)


Only Audio Player

Shortcut NameActionDefault Shortcut keys
ReloadFor growing files: Loads newly recorded audior
RecordStart recordingctrl+f1
ToggleSoundheadModeToggle between fixed and moving soundhead modet

Group Tab Area

Shortcut NameActionDefault Shortcut keys
TabPreviousselect the previous tableft
TabNextselect the next tabright
TabFirstselect the first tabhome
TabLastselect the last tabend
TabCloseclose the current tabdel

Customizing Shortcuts

See Shortcut configuration for CM

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