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Using Keyboard Shortcuts in SCE

Subclip Editor's functionality relies largely on a proficient use of the available keyboard and mouse shortcuts. All available shortcuts, which can be customized in Admin, are described below. 

Shortcuts don't work with Caps Lock on

Default Shortcuts

Shortcut NameDefault ShortcutAction


Toggles the play and pause button.
StopenterStops the play.
PlayBeginning,Plays first 3 seconds (default value) of subclip.
PlayEnd.Plays last 3 seconds (default value) of subclip.
SaveAllCtrl+sSaves all changes made to subclips. To save individual changes to certain subclips use the 'Save' button in the Top Menu.
RemoveSubclipdelDeletes the subclip that is selected.
DeactivateSubclipdDeselects the current active subclip.
ReloadrRefreshes the available content. Mostly used when working with growing files, where refresh loads the next chunk of data.


lIf enabled, soundhead jumps to markIn and zoom view follows the soundhead.
Zooming and the Overview Area

up/down (arrow keys) / Ctrl + Mousewheel

The Detail Area displays less/more of the waveform and the red frame shrinks/grows.
FitZoomwFits zoom location and level so that the subclip is clearly visible in the Detail Area.
ScrollLeft/Rightleft/right (arrow keys)The Detail Area displays an earlier/later time duration and the frame in the Overview Area moves to the left/right.
Editing in the Detail Area


Creates a subclip from the section covered by the in and out markers. Same function as 'Create Subclip' button in the Top Menu.


cCreates a subclip between the out-marker of a selected subclip and the current position of the soundhead. See Dividing Audio into Seamless Segments for more information on this tool.

Takes the current value of the soundhead as both MarkIn and MarkOut and creates a new subclip with MarkIn == MarkOut


qIt will return the soundhead to the last position it began playing from.
GotoStarthome / Pos1Moves the soundhead to the start of the audio.
GotoEndendMoves the soundhead to the end of the audio.
MarkerIniSets the in-marker, where the soundhead is currently positioned
MarkerOutoSets the out-marker, where the soundhead is currently positioned
GotoMarkerInCtrl + iMoves soundhead to in-marker of a selected subclip. This is useful when creating seamless subclips.
GotoMarkerOutCtrl + oMoves soundhead to out-marker of a selected subclip. This is useful when creating seamless subclips.
Layer Area
Layer1 .. Layer91-9Changes the layer of the selected subclip to the desired number.

copyToLayer1 .. copyToLayer9

Ctrl + 1 .. Ctrl + 9Copies subclip from one layer to another layer

copySelectedToLayer1 .. copySelectedToLayer9

Ctrl + Shift + 1 .. Ctrl + Shift + 9Copies selected subclips to another layer

Top Menu Shortcuts

It is possible to associate a Top Menu item (plugin) with a keyboard shortcut, pressing which would launch the action associated with the menu item e.g triggering a workflow, exporting an entry etc.

Please see shortcut configuration for SCE for more information.

Customizing Shortcuts

See Shortcut Configuration for SCE

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