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Extended DigaCare Value

For Release 2022.2.0, we are extending value to our DigaCare customers in a number of ways:

Regarding more info about our new release schedules, check out this link


  • Initial release of BCS v6 and accompanying broadcast products boosting performance

    • BCS as a 64-bit version allows for holding more data in your memory.
    • Improved threading model and data locking in order to handle more simultaneous client connections.
    • Please check the release notes for compatibility


  • A major improvement to security in various products using DPE token-based authentication and fixes of many vulnerabilities

    • The Legacy DPE token was replaced by a signed token with no included user and password name included in the token.

    • Please check out changes in compatibility and breaking changes in DPE 2.5
    • Various vulnerability fixes to DPE, EAO, CAE, ROAD, MTE, and DBM - were also adapted to the new DPE token-based authentication


    • Significant highly sought after bugfixes

      • DPE v2.5 level meter not showing as in DBM
      • Audioconstraits for EAO have wrong default values in DPE
      • WorkflowSystem stability improvement 
      • Statistics enhancements for DPE rest services - monitoring of system status
        • For support regarding DPE rest services or more information contact our support people

Beta program

  • CAE or ContextualAudioEditing is in BETA
    • participation in the BETA is still open, talk to Asaf Erlich for participation
    • More information on CAE can be found here
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