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Release schedules

New Quarterly Release Schedule

In order to provide the latest features and bug fixes to our customers more quickly, DAVID Systems will deliver new and updated software on a quarterly basis (i.e., every 3 months).

Generally, deliveries will occur around February (Q1), May (Q2), August (Q3), and November (Q4):

  • Releases in Q2 and Q4 will usually include "final" versions of feature increments, and the latest bug fixes for maintenance versions (i.e., patches)
    • These releases are similar to the traditional biannual release pattern
  • Releases in Q1 and Q3 will include the very latest feature increments and bug fixes (i.e., "pre-release" versions)
    • These "in-between" releases accelerate access to software improvements as well as the opportunity for DAVID to gather and respond to Customer feedback 
  • Releases are directly correlated to the development of Objective team cycles
    • Should objective cycles get extended, Release cycles will change accordingly, therefore quarterly releases should be seen as the general timeframe
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