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Configuring Shortcuts


Shortcuts in WebDigAIRange are valid for specific areas of the application only (i.e. namespaces).

For example: It is not possible to define a Calendar shortcut like "openDayView" in the area of Global shortcuts. "openDayView" works in the Calendar area only. You can find an example configuration at the bottom of this page.

GlobalGlobal shortcuts, available throughout the entire application.
CalendarCalendar shortcuts, available on the overview calendar.
SchedulingScheduling shortcuts, available on all configured scheduling pages.

Global Shortcuts

NameDescriptionExample Keys
openCurrentShowLoad current show into default scheduling page.o
openCalendarOpen calendar page.

Calendar Shortcuts

NameDescriptionExample Keys
openDayViewSwitch view to single day.1
openWeekViewSwitch view to full week.2
previousGo to previous week.x
currentGo to current week.c
nextGo to next week.v
focusNavigationSet focus on navigation.shift + n
focusCurrentDateSet focus on the current date.shift + d
focusCurrentShowSet focus on the current show.shift + c
editShowSelect the first field in the metadata mask of the selected entry. (1)e

(1) Requires a show selection in the calendar beforehand

Scheduling Shortcuts

NameDescriptionExample Keys*
copyCopy current selection to an internal clipboard.c
pastePaste contents of clipboard before the current selection.v
focusFirstFocus first entry.home
focustLastFocus last entry.end
focusFirstMiniCMFocus first entry in miniContentManager.q
focusLastMiniCMFocus last entry in miniContentManager.w
selectUpSelect previous entry of the current entry. (2)u
selectDownSelect next entry of the current entry. (2)j
selectAllSelect all entries. (2)a
focusMetaDataFocus the first field in the metadata mask of the selected entry.e
deleteEntryDelete the selected entries. (2)delete

Print the selected show.

Note: Do not use ctrl + p.

alt + p
printEntryPrint the selected entry. (2)p

Schedule the selected MiniCM entries at the beginning of the current track.

ctrl + home

Schedule the selected MiniCM entries at the end of the current track.

ctrl + end
previousShowGo to the previous show.x
nextShowGo to the next show.v
toggleShowMultipleTracksToggle between single track and multi-track view.
togglePrelistenPositionToggle prelisten between mark-in and mark-out position.
Save open transitionshift + s
Save open transition in editor and open nexty
Cancel/Clear transition editorr
Reset data in transition editor to initial stateEscape
Start a voice-over recording automationt
Show/Hide link-markers in transition editorshift + l
Play/Pause in transition editorCtrl + L
Hard-coded Shortcuts
prelistenPrelisten selected
navigationFocus previous and next entry.up / down
selectEntrySelect focused entry.enter

*US Windows QWERTY keyboard layout

(2) Requires an entry selection in the rundown beforehand

Toolbar Shortcuts

Toolbar shortcuts are configured per toolbar button in the toolbar section of the settings.json (see the Toolbar section on the Main Configuration Settings page).


Shortcut definition syntax

A shortcut is defined as an array. In its easiest form this contains a single character ["a"] which makes this key the trigger. For more advanced key combinations add more values.

To look up non-alphabetical key identifiers it is advised to use an online tool (e.g.

Note: System shortcuts, like Alt + Tab, and browser shortcuts, like Alt + d, cannot be suppressed by WebDigAIRange. It is possible to define and use them, but the original action will still be triggered additionally.

Modifier Keys

Among the values in the definition array can be a single modifier key. Valid values are:

  • alt
  • ctrl
  • meta
  • shift

"meta" is also known as: Windows key on Windows / Command key on Mac / OS key

Example: "currentWeek": ["alt", "c"]



    "title": "DAVID Radio - WebDigAIRange",
	"program": "Best Channel Ever",
    "Shortcuts": {
	    "Global": {
		    "openCurrentShow": ["o"]
	    "Calendar": {
		    "openDayView": ["1"],
	    	"openWeekView": ["2"],
	  		"previous": ["x"],
		    "current": ["alt", "c"],
		    "next": ["v"],

			"focusNavigation": ["shift", "n"],
			"focusCurrentDate": ["shift", "d"],
			"focusCurrentShow": ["shift", "c"],
			"editShow": ["e"]
	    "Scheduling": {
		    "focusFirst": ["home"],
		    "focusLast": ["end"],
		    "selectAll": ["a"],

		    "focusMetaData": ["e"],
			"deleteEntry": ["delete"],
			"printShow": ["alt", "p"],

			"scheduleEntryFirst": ["ctrl", "home"],
			"scheduleEntryLast": ["ctrl", "end"],

            "Transitions": {
				"startVoiceOver": ["t"],
				"toggleLinkMarkers": ["shift", "l"],
				"saveAndOpenNext": ["y"]
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