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Copying Templates

DAVID Systems provides you with templates in order to:

  • Get you started with a basic setup.
  • Reset or refer to the templates in case of a configuration issue.
  • Keep you from accidentally overwriting your configuration if you update to a newer version of WebDigAIRange.

Step 1: Inside of your WebDigAIRange folder, copy the file settings template.json and rename it to settings.json

(warning) Note: If you create the settings.json file manually, make sure to use UTF-8 encoding.

Step 2: Copy the folder masks_template and rename it to masks

Step 3: Copy the folder print_template and rename it to print

(warning) Note: Do not rename the file print-template.html inside of the print folder


You are now ready to configure the settings.json file. The according documentation can be found on the Configuring WebDigAIRange page.

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