The default layout looks very similar to the following screenshot. A few UI elements are already there:

1 Player

Player 1, Player 2, Player 3. Click the Play button on one of the players to start the "Next" element (green color) in the specific player.

2 Image

The DAVID Systems logo - Insert the logo of your radio station or a specific program logo, if you like.

3 Select Show

A click on this button opens the dialogue to change the program and select a show.

4 Activation Mode

Switch between the Activation Modes "LiveAssist", "Automatic" or "Passive.

5 Instant Feedback

A click on this button enables the Instant Feedback (Monitoring).

6 Prelisten

A click on this button switches the Prelisten Mode from "Prelisten: begin" to "Prelisten: end".

7 Rundown

Displays the main rundown (Showlist) of the selected show.

8 Text

A text field to display any static text on the GUI.