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Keyboard Shortcuts

Currently, there is only one global keyboard shortcut defined by WebTurboPlayer itself, which is the Escape key (usually at the top left corner of a keyboard) for canceling open context menu in rundown.

Customizable Shortcuts

Currently, WebTurboPlayer supports custom shortcuts for toggling channel start and stop, which can be configured on `/edit` page via "Config Shortcuts".

Some hints for customizing shortcuts are as the following.

  • The OS or browser in use occupied keyboard shortcuts can be problematic.
    • For example, Cltrl+Shift+W on Chrome, Meta(Win)+S on Windows, Meta(Command)+O on macOS
  • The support of keyboard shortcuts is made as intuitive as possible but still it is better to know a little about web browsers' support for keyboard events  
  • WebTurboPlayer only supports one base key in one shortcut and the base key should be pressed at last when configuring the shortcut
  • Supported base keys include A-Z, 0-9, F1-F12, Escape, Tab, Backspace, Insert, Delete, Home, End, PageUp, PageDown, ArrowUp, ArrowDown, ArrowLeft, ArrowRight and Space (other keys may also work but not officially supported)
  • Supported modifiers include Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Meta
    • The support for Meta key is mainly for macOS because the Meta key is Command key on macOS and Command key is the most common key in keyboard shortcuts.
      • The usage of Meta key in many shortcut combinations may not work because occupied and not supported by the OS and browser in use
    • Please also be careful with CapsLock and AltGraph keys when doing keyboard shortcut configuration (they may affect the configuration depending on the keyboard, OS and browser in use)
  • It is recommend to avoid just using the Escape key as the custom keyboard short because this key is already in use for canceling context menu in Rundownlist although it is allowed (when using it, two or more actions will happen one after another)

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