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Copy VST Effects

You can copy&paste an audio effect, together with its current settings, from one track or track object to another track or track object.

To copy an effect from a track object, right-click on the objects FX button and select the effect from the copy sub-menu. Alternatively, you can right-click on the object's footer in the timeline, and select the Effects -> Copy sub-menu there.

To copy an effect from a track, right-click on the track's footer and select the effect via Track effects -> Copy. You can also copy a track effect in the Track Mixer, using the effect's context menu in the "FX" list.

Once an effect has been copied, you can paste it, together with all the settings it had when it was copied, to a track or a track object. To do this, right-click on the footer of a track or track object, and select Paste effect from the Object effects or Track effects sub-menu. In the Track Mixer, you can paste an effect into the "FX" list by right-clicking on an empty slot and selecting Paste effect.

Once an effect has been copied, it can be pasted multiple times. It will be available for pasting until it is replaced by another effect copy operation.

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